The SBC Community and Company

We build and provide innovative solutions for single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi. With amazing community with 33k+ subscribed members with great passion, we accept the challenge making the world better place. Join us our community today and explorer the exciting community supported services and products we are offering.

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Community-driven Solutions

Providing satisfying support over few years is more difficult but important than making product itself to win customer's heart. That is why more and more companies are looking for open source community backed solutions which often has been maintained more than a decade or longer.

PIPC was founded in 2012. We build solutions together tackling most difficult challenges, and more importantly, we use and improve them everyday!

Meet flat

The flat is an unique SBC solution distribution and management platform helps customer to safely repurpose already dispatched system instantly with help of expert built and tested various application templates.

With flat, most of the repetitive development overhead will disappear, so you can be more productive, efficient, and focused on your primary goal whatever that is. 

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Our Offers

flat CE

Community Edition

$ 0 .00

user / copy
  • DIY patches and updates
  • Free Community built templates
  • No customization
  • Community Support

flat SE

Supporter Edition

$ 20 .00

user / copy
  • Guided patches and update
  • Discount for official templates
  • Limited customization
  • Email support for 1 month

flat EE

Enterprise Edition

  • On-demand patch and update programming service is available with minimal fee
  • Free for all available templates
  • Unlimited customization
  • Email support for 1 year